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A must read for novice and veteran writers, Ms. Osmund lays out a path with personal and professional clarity on how to write, publish and promote a marketable book! As I was getting ready for my 3rd book to release, I found the information so helpful. Sharing the pitfalls and advantages of lessons she had learned are generous tools for every author's toolbox.

                                                --CJ Fosdick, author

I'm a new writer looking for help in writing and publishing a book. And Florence Osmund is a savior. Her knowledge and advice has no wasted words. Every chapter is brief and to the point. Each page is loaded with important tips necessary to write a successful novel.

                                         --James O'Brien, author

I have written 4 successful books and am starting on two others and I love this book. It is professionally written and shares all the hard-learned secrets of self- publishing and book creation that I wish that I would have known years ago.

                                    --Richard Schickel, author





Part 1: Before You Start Writing


1.  So, You’re Thinking about Writing a Book

2.  Story Structure

3.  Character Development

4.  Point of View and Narrative Tense


Part 2: Writing Tips


5.  Story, Plot, and Hook

6.  Beginning, Middle, and Ending

7.  Active Versus Passive Voice

8.  Show, Don’t Tell

9.  Conflict, Crisis, Drama, and Tension

10. Narrative Exposition

11. Moving the Story Forward

12. Descriptive Writing

13. Setting, Tone, and Mood

14. Body Language

15. Dialogue

16. Scene Development

17. Transitions

18. Adjectives, Adverbs, and Clichés

19. Theme


Part 3: The Final Stretch


20. Budget

21. Editors

22. The Publishing Process

23. Book Titles, Covers, and Innards

24. Elevator Speeches, Blurbs, and Synopses

25. Reviews, Assessments, and Testimonials


Part 4: Marketing and Promotion


26. Fundamentals of Book Marketing

27. The Book Launch

28. Marketing Plan

29. Websites and Blogs

30. Amazon, Goodreads, and Social Media

31. Online, Press, and Face-To-Face Exposure

32. Discounts, Freebies, and Promotional Items

33. Contests and Awards

34. Brand and Platform

35. Paid Advertising

36. Distribution and Sales


Part 5: Conclusion



Additional Resources


Appendix A: Checklist - Things to Do Before, During, and After the Writing of Your Book


Appendix B: Self-Editing Checklist


About the Author



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